We empower every person on the planet to share their Point of View on any content stored in the Internet
Free Speech | Wolność Słowa | Freie Meinungsäußerung


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About us:

From the start, our goal was clear, we wanted to provide a platform where everyone can share their opinion about everything which is available in the Internet. No matter who you are, where you live, what is your education level, what is your nationality, your gender, what is your wealth, you have the right to express your opinion. Aim of our portal is to provide you a tool to record your point of view (PoV) without being worried about any repercussions.

We are based in Switzerland, the country who is well-known for its neutrality. In the same spirit the myPoV Portal has been built. Nowadays, many people are talking about free-speech, about being banned on various social-media platforms, or about fake-news. We empower everyone to publish everything on our portal and to highlight their point of view, instead of causing chain reaction of the comments which in many cases, focus on your opinion instead of commenting the content which you shared.

We worked hard to make everything easy by:
1. Requesting only minimum information during registration process
2. Providing simplistic user interface
3. Leveraging on the automation so your opinion will be published in milliseconds

For the registered users we are providing platform where they can instantly share global-reached opinions. For anonymous users we are providing unbiased information, and content owners are receiving priceless feedback (and feedback is a gift!), which they can use to improve their products or services.

myPoV Portal is 100% independent.